Hi there!

We're Sam and Alex and we started Pampered Pups to help pet owners everywhere gain access to tools and technologies to help both them and their pets lead happier and healthier lives!

As pet owners trying to balance doing right by our pets while living our hectic lives, we realized it was nearly impossible to manage both. Early-morning wake ups, 3 walks and meals per day, refilling the water bowl with fresh water continuously, litter box scooping, playing with our pets and making sure they were comfortable and stimulated every day, all while balancing our own lives. It was positively exhausting!

We knew there had to be a better way and embarked on a journey to discover the best products to help pet owners give their pets their best lives ever, while not compromising their own! During this journey, we discovered there are simple but impactful ways to help pet owners 'optimize' their time while giving their pets an even higher quality of life - a win/win! 

We're so excited to continue to grow our catalogue of products and bring our fellow pet owners the best products for them and their pets to lead the full lives they deserve.


Sam & Alex