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We're on a mission to supply pet owners from all around the world with the best PetTech available so your lives are a little bit easier and your pet's lives are a whole lot better.

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Cold Weather Essentials

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Give Your Pet The Life They Deserve

  • Healthier Pets

    Revolutionary technology to reduce your pet's chances of illness or disease and promote a healthy lifestyle.

  • Happier Pets

    Best-in-class products to upgrade your pet's quality of life, boost their well-being, and reduce stress and anxiety.

  • "I love Pampered Pups! I never even knew some of the products I found on their site existed! I bought the smart kitty litter box and the water fountain and they were both total hits with my picky cat!"

    -Kerri-Ann B.

  • "I found the products I ordered to be very high quality and innovative. The automatic pet feeder specifically has been so helpful on those days when I just need some help being a good dog dad."

    -Austin L.

  • "Pampered Pups has been amazing! I recommend them to every dog owner I know. My German Shepherd LOVES their slow feed toy and their bark collar got him to stop barking within a few weeks. Incredible!"

    -Mark A.

  • "We love our fancy new litter box! Thank you to this awesome store for helping me see the benefits of becoming a modern pet owner. This cat mamma is never going back to the old ways!"

    -Martha P.

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