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FuzzBuster™ - #1 Best-Selling 3-in-1 Steam, Massage & Grooming Hair Removal Brush for Cats and Dogs

FuzzBuster™ - #1 Best-Selling 3-in-1 Steam, Massage & Grooming Hair Removal Brush for Cats and Dogs

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Introducing the FuzzBuster: 3-in-1 Steam, Massage & Grooming Hair Removal Brush for Cats and Dogs!

✔️ Spa-Like Grooming: Give your feline friend a luxurious experience with gentle steam that loosens knots, smooths fur, and leaves a healthy shine.
✔️ Reduced Shedding: Say goodbye to fur tumbleweeds with effective detangling that promotes a healthy coat.
✔️ Customizable Comfort: Adjustable steam settings ensure a comfortable experience for even the most sensitive cats.
✔️ Easy & Convenient: Compact, ergonomic design and detachable brush head make grooming a breeze.
✔️ Clean & Hygienic: Easy-to-clean water reservoir keeps grooming sessions squeaky clean.

Say goodbye to stressful grooming sessions and hello to a happier, healthier pet with the FuzzBuster. Treat your furry companion to the ultimate grooming experience and watch them purr with delight!

Our innovative electric spray function effortlessly tackles knots and minimizes shedding, leaving your pet's fur irresistibly soft, shiny, and free from tangles. Elevate your pet's grooming routine to a whole new level of convenience and effectiveness. 

With its gentle steam technology, this brush helps to relax your pet's muscles, promoting circulation and easing tension for a truly soothing massage. The electric spray function ensures a hassle-free grooming session by effectively detangling knots and reducing shedding, leaving your pet's fur soft, shiny, and tangle-free.

The ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hand, allowing for easy maneuverability and control while grooming. The comb brush is equipped with fine bristles that gently massage your pet's skin, stimulating the production of natural oils for a healthier coat.

Treat your furry friend to the ultimate grooming experience with the FuzzBuster. Say goodbye to grooming stress and hello to a happier, healthier cat!


Product Dimensions: 4.45 x 2.56 inches


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Care Instructions

Remove hair, rinse under water

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Gentle Steam Technology

Uses hot steam technology to effectively loosen and remove built-up dust and dirt from pet hair. Not only is hot steam safe, it also gently cleanses the coat, keeping your pet looking happy and healthy!

3-in-1 Brush

Say goodbye to pet hair and hello to a happy, shed-free home! Our innovative brush solves all your pet grooming problems in one handy tool - shedding, steam cleaning, and massaging. Experience incredible shedding reduction and enjoy a cleaner, hair-free living space!

Hair-Free Home

Regular brushing with the FuzzBuster removes excess dead hair from your pet's undercoat, leaving your home cleaner and hair-free. You'll appreciate the tidy space, and your pet will love the bonding time. It's win-win for both you and your furry friend!

Loved By Thousands of Pet Owners

The best-selling FuzzBuster™ brush has been purchased and adored by over 10,000 pet owners to-date.

✔️ Spa-like treatment
✔️ Reduced shedding
✔️ Quick & easy to use
✔️ Ergonomic design

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  • From Frazzled to Flawless with the FuzzBuster

    "My cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, has a luxurious coat, but keeping it tangle-free was a nightmare. Traditional brushes would just pull at his fur. Enter the FuzzBuster! The steam leaves his fur unbelievably soft and shiny, and the massage feature seems to relax him immensely. He actually purrs throughout the whole grooming session now! This brush is worth every penny for keeping Mr. Bigglesworth looking and feeling his best."

    -Michaela Garcia

  • Spa Day at Home for My Senior Cat

    "My senior cat, Mittens, has become less tolerant of brushing lately. Traditional brushes were too harsh on her sensitive skin. I was worried about the stress of grooming, but the FuzzBuster has been a revelation! The gentle steam loosens tangles without pulling. The massage feature seems to soothe her achy joints, and she actually seems to enjoy the warm mist. Brushing time has become a relaxing spa experience for Mittens – and for me too!"

    -Sarah Thompson

  • From Grooming Grump to Happy Hound

    "My golden retriever, Max, used to dread grooming sessions. The detangling process was a nightmare, and the shedding was out of control. But the FuzzBuster has transformed grooming for us! The steam leaves his coat shiny and healthy-looking, and the massage feature seems to calm him down. Max actually wags his tail when I take out the FuzzBuster ! This brush has made grooming a positive experience for both of us, and I couldn't be happier."

    -David Williams

  • Multitasking Marvel for My Multitude of Pets

    "With a house full of furry friends (a cat, a dog, and a rabbit!), keeping up with grooming can be a challenge. The FuzzBuster has been a multitasking marvel! The brush works wonders on all three of my pets, detangling fur and promoting a healthy coat. And the ergonomic design lets me groom them all comfortably. This has become my go-to tool for keeping all my furry companions happy and healthy. It's a must-have for any multi-pet household!"

    -Emily Walker

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