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ScratchFix™ - #1 Best-Selling Scratching Mat Furniture Protector for Cats

ScratchFix™ - #1 Best-Selling Scratching Mat Furniture Protector for Cats

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Tired of shredded furniture? Our premium couch-protecting scratch mat, ScratchFix is the ultimate defence against destructive claws! This scratch mat is a scratching haven for your feline friend, keeping your couch safe and scratch-free.

✔️ Protects furniture
✔️ Provides designated scratching area
✔️ Saves space 
✔️ Multiple sizes
✔️ Quick & easy to set up

Built to Last:

  • Made with high-quality, durable materials that can handle even the most enthusiastic scratching.
  • Natural bamboo mat entices cats with its texture, satisfying their scratching instincts and preventing furniture damage.

Space-Saving & Secure:

  • Compact design fits seamlessly next to your couch, without taking up extra space.
  • Nail-fixed installation ensures the mat stays put, offering a stable scratching experience.

Bonus Fun & Happy Kitty:

  • Doubles as a cat toy to keep your furry friend entertained.
  • Promotes healthy scratching habits, reducing stress and boredom for a happy and content cat.

Stop the scratching wars! Invest in our scratch mat and enjoy peace of mind knowing your furniture is protected. Upgrade your cat's world and create a harmonious home for both of you.


-Mat made of bamboo
-Includes 6 nail fixtures

-Small: 30x40cm
-Medium: 40x60cm
-Large: 50x80cm


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Care Instructions

Can be compactly folded for storage

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Happy Cats, Safe Furniture

A cat-friendly solution designed to safeguard your furniture while keeping your furry friend entertained. This cat scratch board pad and nail-fixed cat toy combo is here to save your sofas and bring joy to your cat's life.

Cat-Approved Material

Crafted from high-quality materials, this cat scratch pad and toy are gentle on your cat's paws, providing them with a safe and enjoyable scratching experience. Say goodbye to unsightly scratches on your furniture

Nail-Fixed Cat Toy

The attached cat toy provides hours of entertainment for your feline friend. It's designed to keep cats engaged, active, and mentally stimulated, reducing boredom-related scratching.

Loved By Thousands of Cat Owners

The best-selling ScratchFix™ cat scratcher has been purchased and adored by over 10,000 pet owners to-date.

✔️ Protects furniture
✔️ Provides designated scratching area
✔️ Saves space
✔️ Multiple sizes
✔️ Quick & easy to set up

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  • ScratchFix Reviews: Saved My Couch (and My Sanity!)

    "My cat, Lucky, is adorable, but her love for scratching was turning my dream couch into a nightmare. Enter ScratchFix! This lifesaver of a mat has become Luna's go-to spot for scratching. The natural bamboo texture seems to mesmerize her, and she spends ages happily scratching away. The best part? My couch is completely unscathed! This mat has saved my furniture, my sanity, and provided Lucky with a healthy outlet for her scratching instincts. I can't recommend it enough!"

    -Amara Singh

  • From Destructive to Delighted with ScratchFix

    "My cat, Mr. Mittens, is a majestic cat with a talent for destruction (mostly on my furniture!). I'd tried everything – cardboard boxes, scratching posts – but nothing could stop him from clawing up my sofa. Then I discovered this amazing mat. The high-quality material seems built to last even against his impressive claws and the nail-fixed installation makes sure it stays put during his scratching sprees. This mat is a purrfect solution for any cat owner struggling with destructive scratching!"

    -Kai Mitchell

  • A Happy Compromise with ScratchFix

    "My senior cat, Penelope, seemed bored and started scratching the furniture out of the blue so I started researching solutions. This mat has been a game-changer! The natural texture is like catnip to Penelope – she can't resist scratching it. The size is perfect for her little paws, and the stable design gives her the confidence to really dig in. Plus, the nail-fixed installation keeps it securely in place. ScratchFix has given Penelope a designated scratching spot, and my furniture is finally safe! It's been a win-win for both of us."

    -Dr. Evelyn Wright

  • Multi-Cat Mayhem Solved with ScratchFix

    "With two rambunctious young cats, keeping up with scratching was a full-time job. Cardboard boxes were destroyed in minutes, and scratching posts were ignored. ScratchFix changed everything! This mat is big enough for both cats to scratch at the same time, and the natural texture keeps them occupied for ages. The nail-fixed installation and materials seem built to withstand even the most playful attacks. This mat is a must-have for any household with multiple cats! You won't regret it."

    -Miguel Rodriguez

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